Quality, modern and serviced en-suites and studios in the heart of cities near the universities.

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You can enjoy both quiet living environment and large social area in UNINN Student Accommodation.

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What Students Say

Northumbria University (UG)– The Foundry Tong Zhu (Mainland China) "The En-suite room which includes a bathroom and the great communal kitchen with two washer dryers are amazing! No laundry fee needed and so convenient! Jerry, the Building Manager is the best one I have ever seen as he is so responsible and patient. Comfortable!"
Coventry University– Merlin Point Holly (Hong Kong, China) "Merlin Point is a great accommodation, as the location is 5-minute walk to the university and 10-minute walk to the train station. All the staffs are friendly to help us and the reception is open 24 hours. If the room facilities have any problems, the technicians always come and repair as soon as they can. This accommodation also includes mini coffee bar, study room and free gym! Overall, a very great place to live!"

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