Quality, modern and serviced en-suites and studios in the heart of cities near the universities.

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You can enjoy both quiet living environment and large social area in UNINN Student Accommodation.

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What Students Say

Julian Court (Coventry) Bobo Zhang " I stayed at JC last year, and it is almost a year away this year. Accommodation and satisfaction are really great! 1. Julian Court is one of the few apartment buildings in Coventry that are all studios. Located in CV1, Coventry City, the environment is quiet and safe. Downstairs out of the apartment, turn left and walk for 3 minutes with pizzerias, restaurants and local British shops. 2. The apartment is bilingual in English and Chinese. The working time apartment manager can solve various problems in the accommodation and living of the apartment at any time. The apartment has a group of apartments. You can react to questions in the group and chat with friends. 3. Stay at JC, walk to Coventry University for 15 minutes, 6 minutes from the train station, very close to each bus stop, take bus 12X and 11 to Warwick University for 15 to 20 minutes, is a student at Coventry University and Warwick University Good choice. 4. Walk to the Coventry city centre market for 10 minutes, and it is very convenient to go shopping in the major shopping malls in the city centre. And very close to IKEA and the gym, life is very convenient. 5. Apartment reception It is convenient to collect express and letters. The most important guarantee is the successful receipt of the courier and the letter. 6.JC is suitable for renting a person or a couple of friends. The above is my real stay in JC living in Coventry! ! ! PS: the package bill, water and electric heating all-inclusive. And there is a TV in every room! Kitchen refrigerator microwave oven range hood is fully equipped. Come on and to book JC! "
Northumbria University (PG)– The Foundry Chuah Yun Jin (Malaysia) "Used to be horrible (awful fire alarms, etc) in the very first year but most of the problems have been sorted out well by the staffs here now. The location is good as well."

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