Check Our 2017 Welcome Tea Party in Austin Leicester

Posted on October 22, 2017 in: Latest News and Events

Posted by: UNINN

Heard that Hurricane Ophelia made its landing last week, the students' endless reminders in my WeChat made it a little worrying; but that is small news compared to Austin's welcome party, which was held on the 21st October, which would provide a welcome distraction to the furore of mother nature as we all sat inside the cosy St. James, drinking, eating, playing games and having fun.

Preparation began well in advance of the party itself, with each resident of Austin receiving a special eggyolk mooncake from Taiwan, along with a handwritten thank-you card. All of this was prepared then lovingly delivered to each resident's door by Austin's management team.

After the initial ice-breaker, the main events were set to begin. Let's take a look at the setting:

Protected by four walls, the little backyard is just so adorable! You really cannot feel the cold at all, sitting here. Being well-protected from the elements, our main event can begin, with plenty of snacks, drinks, and games (wolf kill, uno, mahjong), it was time to get this show on the road.

Who is a better actor? Who can invis-wolf till the end? Who has the best poker face?

We played a round of wolf kill with 15 players, with alliances, wolf suicide, and players pretending to be others. Even our editor was affixed to the exciting and unpredictable game. Our resident Goddess of wolf kill herself was even scratching her head, trying to keep track of it all.

Everyone was so concentrated and dedicated, we even had 1 to 1 mahjong coaching!

I guess that there is a hidden talent in each and every one of us. As always, time flies when you're having fun, our residents all reported that they had learnt something new.

This event was a successful get together of Austin's two student residences who would normally not have the chance to meet each other. From making new friends to better understanding of others, everybody had a good time. This is just the beginning of a great year, as the management have plenty more planned in store. Stay tuned!



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