For International Students: Police registration full instruction is HERE !

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If you have not heard about police registration before, you need to read this article carefully. We will tell you the necessity about this and provide you the instructions.

On your visa page or BRP card, if there's any content related to “Police Registration within 7 days of Arrival in UK/ Police Registration/ Pol Reg”, you are required to do the police registrion。This is very important! It may affect your immigrant history in UK without registering in time.


★ First Time Registration

FEE£34磅(Yes, I'm afraid it is not free)。However, you will only be charged for once, unless you've lost your police registration letter。


After registration, you will be given a A4-size paper. Your personal information will be recorded and stamped on this paper. This letter can be used as address proof as well. Also, you need to keep this letter for further personal information update. 


★ Personal Information Update


If the following status or information has been changed, you are required to go to police station to record the updated information with 8 days:

1. Address;

2. New visa;

3. Passport number;

4. Marital status;

5. Employment status.

Again, if you have not got registered or updated on time, you may face a fine up to £1500 or even a sentence to jail. 


☛ For Coventry Area

Unfortunately, you will need to Birmingham to get registered, which is so hard to book the appointment. Thus, you will need to make your appointment ASAP once you arrive. Students from University of Warwick may be offered to get registered in Leamington Spa and etc., please check with University Official Website.

Also, during Freshers' Wekk, Universities usually will invite staffs from police station to help students to register on campus, so keep an eye on the emails and don't miss the opportunity! If you have missed the chance, you need to book the appointment via the official police station website:

☛  For Newcastle Area:


Unfortunately, we couldn't find the information about any arrangement of registration on campus by the universities. Thus, you may need to register online via the local police station website:


☛ For Leicester Area: 


From September and December,University of Leicester will arrange registration on campus for freshers.

If you have missed the opportunities, you will need to go to the local police station for registration. No appointment is needed during this period. The address is: Nationality Department, Mansfield House Police Station, 74 Belgrave Gate, Leicester, LE1 3GG. Opening hour is from 08:15 to 15:30, Mondays to Fridays.

However, you need to download the form, fill it and print it out. The link is:




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