How to pay your rent and any other charges? Please click HERE !

Posted on August 1, 2018 in: Latest News and Company Updates

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1.Bank Transfer 

This is the most common way for students to pay your rent or other charges. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, please transfer your rent or other charges to our bank account (You can find our bank details in the emails. If you still don’t have our bank details, please ask us !!!)

Please make sure that you have put the reference as "Property name (Abbreviation) + Room number + Name".

uninn payment - bank

2. Official Payment via Our Website (RECOMMENDED!!!)

If you have issues of bank transfer, please try our official online payment channels through our student portal.

1. Please log in to student portal via our website: You can find your account details in the email we sent to you (It might be in your spam mailbox). 

2. Activate your account :If this is your first time to log in your student portal, please activate your account first. The first two steps will be the display of your personal information provided. You can update yourselves if there's any wrong information.

3. Accept room offer: Please click on the ‘Accept’ on the bottom of the page. The terms are the same as in your tenancy agreement. 

4. Selecting your check-in time slot: You will need to choose the date and time you wish to check-in. 

5. Pay charges: Please click [Financials] (this is on the left in the menu bar) - [Pay here]. 

Once you have chosen the payment just click the [Pay charges] on the bottom of the page. 

You will need to choose the payment method either through Global Payments or through PayToStudy:

1. You can only pay with your Visa or Master Card through Global payment. 

2. If you are paying through PayToStudy (This accept all currencies and all card types), you will only need to fill in your bank details. 

Please note: You can also check your payment logs, your tenancy agreement, payment receipts and upload files through your student portal. 

3. Our Official Payment Link on PayToStudy - (Instruction is provided on the website.)

Please feel free to contact us when you meet any difficulty in payment.



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