Thank you for your coming to UNINN Welcome party!

Posted on November 1, 2018 in: Latest News and Events

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Thank you for your coming to our Welcome Party held by Merlin Point, The Foundry and Abbey House for our tenants this year! Besides, the other two accommodations - Austin and Julian Court - had sent a lovely Welcome Pack to each tenant as well, hope you all like it!

If you didn't make it to this year's welcome party, there are more amazing events coming in the rest of the time when you are staying with us!


First of all, in order to let our tenants familiarize with the facilities and services in the accommodation as soon as possible, we had a prize-winning knowledge contest, which was just simple safety precautions and accommodation facilities quiz questions. And the prizes were some daily necessities and small snacks!

What made us surprised was: these prizes were so popular that all prizes had been won by tenants in the end! 

Moreover, it is our honour to have police officers from Coventry Police Station to join us! Don't worry, they were not coming for any bad things, but just to popularize safety knowledge for our new tenants. We specially customized a UNINN hoodie as a small gift to thank for their great support!  It is really a good idea to strengthen tenants' safety knowledge and understanding of our accommodation by quizzes, we will definitely do it again.

PART 2—UNINN Talent Show!

If it was not the welcome party, we wouldn't know our tenants are sooooo talented! Look at the picture shows——Light! Music! Our Guitar Prince is on the line...

Even the Abbey House manager came to play a song!


How can a party be held without food?!

The annual welcome party must be UK style! Therefore, we have ordered the KFC's original chicken and fries, as well as the Domino’s various flavors of PIZZA and chicken wings! I have to say that the grilled wings of the "D" were soooo delicious!

Of course, don't forget Chinese childhood snacks (I would like to show you in the picture), such as white rabbit toffee, Mimi shrimp, and pineapple cake ↓ ↓ ↓

Drinks were not bad either!Thanks for our tenants helping us put out a "heart-shaped" cocktail~

And the welcome parties were right after school, so it was definitely a good time to get some yummy food.

In the end...

Live with People You Like, hope our tenants will meet new friends through this welcome party and will not feel lonely any more.

So, when will our UNINN Student Accommodation next event be? Christmas lucky draw in December? Easter in March? Please be patient and wait for us to inform you~

We are looking forward to your advice about our activities. You are also very welcomed to open a group in our accommodation! For example, our Newcastle student accommodation —— The Foundry has spontaneously organized a pub crawl recent days!

Last but not least, thanks for your support and your participation! We will make our UNINN StudentAccommodation better in the next year!



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