Before getting back from our booking consultants for your inquiry, please have a look at the information in this part, which are the questions you probably want to know. If your questions have not been answered, please use the online chat function in our website, click "Contact Us" to send us an email or contact us by booking@uninn.com

Is my booking fee fully refundable? / Will I be charged if I cancel before the agreement starts?

Once you pay your reservation fee, the amount is not refundable unless you find an eligible replacement tenant. 

If you have already signed the tenancy agreement, you'll still be responsible for the full rent unless an eligible replacement tenant is found.

If you're unable to study in the city booked due to rejected visa or university offer, you may be eligible to be released from the agreement. Documents below must be provided within 7 days from the date the results are published.

• a written rejection letter from the chosen university/college or UCAS or a screenshot of the UCAS status which confirms that the required results were not achieved; 

• or a copy of the proof of acceptance of the new university by UCAS adjustment. 

Can I move out during the agreement?

Yes, you can. However, please note you are still responsible for paying the rent until you find another student to be your substitute tenant. You and your substitute tenant must inform the landlord and accomplish administration works accordingly. The administration fee is applied.

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