Who is UNINN®

Quality, modern and serviced en-suites and studios in the heart of iconic UK University locations.

Live with people you like

The word “UNINN” [’juni- In]  is the combination of “uni” and “inn”, a new UK student accommodation brand since 2016, designed to provide both local and international students a safe and cozy home in the U.K.

We believe the experience of our residents is enriched through the integration of individuals in an atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to apply their talents in a safe and secure environment. In which no-one feels threatened, intimidated or lesser in any way and in which diversity and equality is eminent. Our accommodation is offered to all students regardless of age, gender, marital status, race or ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion or religious beliefs, social or educational background. Moreover, we will at all times ensure that all residents (current, former and prospective) and visitors are treated fairly, always with respect and dignity and never with prejudice.

Live, Study, Play

At the moment, we have new and high-end student accommodation in Coventry, Leicester, Sheffield and Newcastle. All UNINN student accommodations are located in the city centres but also a quiet and safe residential area. We provide high quality living environment together with stylish design, reliable security system, on-site staff service, amazing facilities and more than enough space for living and socialising. All tenants, who are living in UNINN student accommodations, will enjoy exclusive social and personal-development events, such as parties for festivals from different cultures, job fairs, professional training service and British culture experience.

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